Pulling back the curtain

Australians will rely on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, or PBS, at some point in their lives. But how much do Australians understand about the system the Federal Government uses to provide access to medicines and vaccines? 

GSK and ViiV Healthcare have collaborated to ‘pull back the curtain’ on the PBS with a video and report that explain how the Government assesses new medicines and vaccines to make sure they are cost-effective before they are paid for in Australia. 

As the Australian population continues to grow and age, and there are more advances in science, there will be an increased demand on our healthcare system to continue to fund the medicines and vaccines we need to keep us healthy. If we all have a better understanding of that system, we’ll be in a better position to help shape it in the future.  

Download GSK and ViiV Healthcare's report - The PBS in Australia - an explainer on system components (PDF-1882KB)