We are a responsible company and commit to use our science and technology to address health needs, make our products affordable and available, and for our employees to be their best in and out of work.

Being commercially successful and operating responsibly is how we will generate sustainable returns for our shareholders and deliver on our purpose, to help patients and consumers around the world, do more, feel better and live longer. 

We deliver on our commitments by operating responsibly and putting our values at the heart of everything we do.

Our Australian business is aligned with our global strategy and is structured around four key themes that help us demonstrate how we operate ethically and responsibly.

To achieve our mission and deliver a successful business, we must continuously review our operating model and pursue a strategy that delivers sustainable performance through innovation and expanding access.

Laying the foundations of our approach to responsible business are our company values – transparency, respect for people, integrity and patient/customer focus.

Operating at a global board level, our Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) ensures the approach we take on corporate responsibility is appropriate. The committee has overall oversight and sits within a clear organisational structure that ensures accountability.

How we will report our performance

We will share our progress by reporting against our new commitments each year starting in 2019, for the 2018 year. A summary of progress against our commitments can be found here, and further detail can be found in our Annual Report.

In Australia, we align our local business strategy and corporate responsibility strategy to these areas and support these global commitments.