Supply updates

Last updated 13 January 2020

We commit to ensuring the quality, safety and reliable supply of our products. If the supply of our medicines or vaccines is disrupted in Australia we will publish details here.

Rabies vaccine

GSK has received a delivery of Rabipur (inactivated rabies virus vaccine) and made it available across multiple channels in private market. Once these doses have been supplied to customers, we will again be experiencing a supply shortage.

This supply shortage is due to an unexpected increase in demand and is not related to vaccine quality or safety.

The shortage impacts those who wish to purchase Rabipur for pre-exposure prophylaxis for example, those travelling to countries where rabies is present and where they may be interacting with animals.

GSK understands that all State and Territory Health Departments stockpile rabies vaccines (including Rabipur) for post-exposure prophylaxis (that is, for those individuals who have received an animal wound and are considered to be at risk of rabies). We are working with the States and Territories to maintain these emergency post-exposure stockpiles.

If you have any concerns about your own exposure to rabies, please contact a Healthcare Professional. 


Herpes zoster vaccine

GSK’s herpes zoster vaccine, Shingrix, is not available in Australia. There is currently no confirmed timing for the supply of Shingrix to Australia.


Ventolin (salbutamol sulfate) 5mg/2.5mL nebules

GSK is experiencing a supply constraint of its Ventolin 5mg nebules. This is due to high global demand for the product, with local demand also increasing due to an alternative brand of salbutamol inhalation ampoules being out of stock in Australia. We anticipate intermittent supply throughout 2019. 

This supply constraint does not affect other Ventolin products, including Ventolin Metered Dose Inhalers (also known as ‘puffers’) which continue to be in supply.


Please visit the TGA website for ongoing updates to supply.

For more information on GSK's medicines or vaccines, please contact GSK medical information on 1800 033 109.