Engaging with healthcare professionals

As a healthcare company, we regularly work with healthcare professionals. From collaborating on clinical trials to providing high quality, balanced information about our medicines and vaccines, in all our interactions we aim to be transparent about our work, operate with integrity, and always put the interests of patients first.

Global speaker programmes

For patients to benefit from new medical innovations, HCPs need to access and understand the latest available data and clinical use of the product.

Feedback from HCPs shows that they prefer to learn about new data and clinical experience through peer-to-peer programmes with global expert practitioners who have direct experience with our medicines. 

To help HCPs share new data on our products and understand their clinical use, in some cases we:

  • make fair market value payments to global expert practitioners who speak about the new science behind selected GSK products, their associated diseases and clinical practice in promotional settings
  • pay reasonable travel costs for an HCP to attend a GSK-organised standalone meeting to learn about data and clinical expertise.
  • directly pay registration fees for HCPs to attend remote congress webinars/webcasts. We do not sponsor HCPs to attend local and international conferences.

This policy is limited to select products in certain countries around the world and controls and training are in place, including measures to track appropriate payment and use of external speakers.

Where legally permitted we will report individual-level payments made each year to HCPs for attending educational meetings and for the provision of services, such as speaking at events or participating at advisory boards. Where individual level disclosure is not legally permitted, we will continue to report aggregate payments.

We publish payments made to HCPs in Australia for the provision of services, such as speaking at events or advisory boards.

Collaborating on clinical trials and research

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) help us identify potential volunteers for clinical trials, administer the investigational medicine or vaccine to patients, and monitor the results.

All HCPs who work with us on clinical trials have contracts and are paid for their work on these clinical trials. This payment covers their time, plus the cost of investigations they may need to carry out regarding the suitability of a patient and the effectiveness of the treatment.

We have a commitment to publicly disclose the research payments that are made to healthcare professionals and to their institutions for conducting clinical research.

Disclosure of payments made to HCPs

We acknowledge the importance of increased transparency and of putting the patient at the centre of every decision we take. We remain committed to disclosing payments or transfers of value we make to HCPs.

We already publish payments made to HCPs in Australia for the provision of services, such as speaking at events or participating at advisory boards.

From 30 August 2019, this information will now be held in a database, administered by Medicines Australia. This database is designed to be searchable and the information can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

For further information about the details in the report, or to search the database, please visit Disclosure Australia.

Please note: The Medicines Australia Code transparency of interactions reporting requirements only apply to Medicines Australia Member Companies. Medicines Australia does not routinely report on payments or transfers of value made to Australian HCPs by companies operating in another country or by overseas affiliates. GSK is committed to transparency of all relevant payments made to Australian HCPs including payments made by our GSK affiliates overseas, and we continue to make this information available on request.



Transfer of value reports

1 May 2018 - 31 October 2018