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Mother and baby protected by childhood vaccine (Belgium)

Engaging with Australian patient advocacy groups

We work closely with a wide range of patient organisations in variety of different disease areas such as cancer, asthma, rare diseases, HIV and mental health

We share a vision with these organisations for a healthcare system that provides the best standard of care for preventing, treating and managing disease and ensures people living with an illness have timely access to the most effective treatments, services and information available.

We provide funding to patient groups to help with defined events, projects or activities. We acknowledge patient groups must remain independent and for this reason we limit our financial support to no more than 25% of a group’s total annual revenue and publicly disclose who we have supported each year.

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Patient group funding

To ensure groups retain their independence we work to strict policies and engagement guidelines that prevent us from proactively approaching patient groups.

Patient advocacy groups who are interested in receiving project funding or in-kind support should submit a page letter outlining the project details and value of the grant request to:

Patient and community disclosure

We provide a range of support for community and patient advocacy organisations across Australia including financial grants, resource in kind and donations.
We are committed to working with community organisations with the highest level of transparency and ethical standards.

To ensure common understandings and transparency, a written agreement outlining the conditions and outcomes of our support is developed in consultation with receiving organisations. All patient and community grant and donations are published annually on our website and made available for three years.