Trials in people

Clinical trials involving human beings are governed by strict local and international regulations. Throughout each trial the proceedings are monitored by government authorities as well as GSK’s own Global Safety Board.

There are always at least three phases to clinical trials. Occasionally, a fourth phase might be necessary if we think the medicine can be improved, or if we need to provide answers to questions from the regulatory authorities.

For more information on clinical trial phases, who takes part in them and how they are monitored click here.

GSK Global Clinical Study Register

We are committed to public disclosure of all our clinical research, irrespective of whether the results are positive or negative for our medicines. We believe this is fundamental to the advancement of medical science. It is also the best way to tell prescribers and patients about scientific findings relating to our medicines.

Our Clinical Study Register website is a resource for researchers, medical professionals and the public to access data from GSK-sponsored clinical studies.

The Register includes:

  • protocol summaries for ongoing studies (a brief description of what is being researched and what the study is designed to discover);
  • results from completed clinical studies on compounds that are both investigational and approved medicines;
  • results of observational research (studies of GSK medicines) and meta-analyses (which combine and analyse the results from two or more previous studies);
  • results from studies of terminated medicines - this informs the scientific community about non-productive areas of research and may reduce exposure of volunteers to similar compounds; and
  • the names of principal investigators who participate in our clinical research.

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