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Statement on arachnoiditis and myelograms

GSK has the utmost sympathy for the people who are afflicted by arachnoiditis.  It can be a very debilitating and painful condition.

Myodil was used in myelograms to diagnose spinal injuries serious enough to potentially warrant back surgery.  It was phased out in the 1980s as new advanced diagnostic techniques became available.

Arachnoiditis has a range of possible causes such as spinal injury, surgery and infection.  Tens of thousands of Australians had myelograms with no known adverse effects.  Studies suggest arachnoiditis was present in approximately one percent of patients who had undergone myelography.  However, it is difficult to determine the causality of the condition.

GSK regularly updates its product information to keep medical practitioners and patients informed about potential risks and side effects.

We are participating fully and fairly in the legal process.  These are complex matters that GSK takes very seriously and we review all cases on individual merit.