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GSK response to ACCC Voltaren comparison investigation

We are disappointed the ACCC has decided to commence proceedings against us. We have been cooperating with them and proactively trying to understand their concerns related to our products, however to date they have not provided clarity about the basis for their concern.

Our experience tells us that people self-select pain relief (OTC medicines) based on their symptoms and/or a healthcare professional’s recommendation. We believe the case of Voltaren Osteo Gel 1% is an example of this. While it contains the same effective formulation as Voltaren Emulgel, we believe the design of the packaging helps people with osteoarthritis open the cap more easily and the instructions for use reflect the TGA approved instructions for use in osteoarthritis.  We were of the view the product name reflects this.

Recent actions by the ACCC provided greater clarity around the expectations of industry regulators and consumers. We responded to this and proactively made changes to Voltaren Osteo Gel 1% packs to make it clearer that the formulation is the same as Voltaren Emulgel and to seek to ensure we continue to meet the expectations of regulators and consumers.


For further information, please contact:

Brooke Howard
0407 829 209