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GSK responds to Cyclone Debbie

GSK has responded to the Queensland Cyclone Debbie emergency relief by providing two pharmacies in Bowen and Airlie Beach with a donation of asthma rescue medicine. This donation is being managed in partnership with Asthma Australia, Asthma Foundation Queensland and Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

The emergency supply of medicine will be provided based on individual need assessed by a pharmacist at no cost to those directly impacted by Cyclone Debbie.

In a cyclone strong winds can stir up pollen particles, mould spores, dust and other allergens and sudden changes in weather may also cause asthma symptoms to flare-up.1

Adding to the challenges, in emergencies people often have to leave their homes quickly and may leave medicine behind.

People with asthma should discuss their individual asthma management plan with their doctor. This may include the use of an asthma preventer medicine as well as a reliever medicine.

In addition to speaking with a healthcare professional, people with asthma can call 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) or visit for more information. The situation will continue to be monitored to ensure access to supply is available to those in affected areas.

Media enquiries please contact Kim O’Donohue – 0477322431.


1. Asthma Australia website: last accessed 4 April 2017.