GSK Open Innovation brings opportunities to Australian & NZ innovators

Australian and New Zealand health innovators encouraged to apply for partnership with GSK to turn their ideas into reality.

An innovation program that helps develop ground-breaking health sector ideas around the world is calling upon Australian and New Zealand innovators to submit their ideas to their website. ‘GSK Consumer Healthcare Open Innovation’ supports scientists, innovators, researchers and start-up technology companies to commercialise their health-related ideas. The focus is in the areas of nutrition, wellness, oral health or skin health. 

GSK is encouraging Australian and New Zealand innovators to take up this opportunity. Candidates can submit their proposals via the GSK Open Innovation website. Successful entrants are potentially provided with the resources and support vital to turn their idea into a commercial reality. 

GSK is a company driven by science and has a proven track record of turning inspired product ideas into household names. Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste began as an initiative by two Florida dentists. They adapted US military technology for mending bones into an oral health solution. This created NovaMin, which combined with saliva and water crystallises to form a mineral similar to natural tooth mineral. GSK saw the potential in the innovation and built a partnership with the team. Together they developed the first daily toothpaste to repair sensitive teeth, which has helped millions with tooth sensitivity. 
GSK Innovation healthcare spokesperson Montse Pena, said that GSK is excited to be promoting this opportunity to innovators in Australia and New Zealand. 

“We feel certain there are bright, new healthcare product ideas in this part of the world that just need support to progress to the next level. We offer Australian and NZ innovators the reach, resources, scientific development and world-class marketing to help their product ideas become a commercial success”. 

ANZ entrants can submit their ideas and learn more on the GSK Innovation website. 

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