GSK Australia launches Spectrum: resource group for LGBT+ employees and straight allies

The global GSK employee resource group for LGBTQI employees and their straight allies, known as Spectrum, was launched in Australia at an event at the company’s Pharmaceuticals headquarters in Melbourne today.

The group, which aims to connect like-minded colleagues, provide support and help shape a more inclusive environment for LGBTQI employees, was recognised earlier this year as ‘The Best LGBT+ Network Group in the UK’ by the globally-recognised advocacy organisation, Stonewall.

Christi Kelsey, VP & General Manager for GSK Australia, Pharmaceuticals, and Spectrum Australia Sponsor, said: “I first became active in Spectrum when I was in the UK. Seeing the impact it can have when people know they have that level of support is something that has made a lasting impression on me.

“I want everyone to be themselves and bring their own perspectives to our business. Together, these unique perspectives and wide variety of personal experiences make our business stronger, enhancing our ability to innovate and respond to the diverse needs of patients and consumers here in Australia and around the world.”

The launch coincided with the company’s global ‘Be You week’, during which activities have been taking place across the world to celebrate the diversity of GSK’s workforce. Participation in Spectrum is open to all 1,500 GSK Australia employees across all businesses including Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Consumer Healthcare and Manufacturing. The group also launched in New Zealand earlier in the week.