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Adelaide Hills Bushfires: Donation of asthma medication

GSK has responded to the South Australian bushfire emergency by providing eight pharmacies in the Adelaide Hills fire affected areas with a donation of asthma rescue medicine. This donation is being managed in partnership with Asthma Foundation SA and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

The emergency supply of asthma inhalers will be provided at the discretion of pharmacists at no cost to people directly impacted by the bushfires. 

In emergency situations people often need to leave their homes quickly and medications are left behind. Anyone with asthma who has been directly affected by the bushfires should to speak to their community pharmacists who can help access asthma medication to keep them well. 

Anyone with asthma who wants to know more about managing their asthma should speak to their health care professional or call 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) or visit 

The situation will continue to be monitored to ensure access to supply is available to those in affected areas.