Educational activities funded in 2017

We provide details on all funded independent medical education grants in Australia as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency. 

Details of the independent medical education initiatives we fund in Australia are posted on this page at the end of each year.

GP symposium – Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy: Management of respiratory disorders for healthcare professionals.

Accredited by the RACGP QI&CPD program, this full-day symposium presented by researchers and clinical experts, had the primary objective of providing key recommendations for recognising, diagnosing and managing patients with asthma and COPD.

Provider Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Funding amount: $69,000


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Immunising against influenza in the community

This program aimed to ensure that GPs can recognise at-risk patients and understand the national recommendations for influenza vaccination.

At the conclusion of this interactive online learning activity participants will be able to:

  • Describe the epidemiology, clinical features, and potential complications of influenza that can be prevented with vaccines.
  • Educate patients about the benefits of receiving the influenza vaccine, and address any safety concerns.
  • Identify at-risk people that would benefit from annual influenza immunisations according to the national recommendations, including those younger than 65 years old with concomitant conditions.
  • Recognise that healthcare workers are a target group that would benefit from immunisation against influenza.

The program was accredited by the RACGP QI&CPD program for two points (Category 2).

Provider: mdBriefcase

Funding amount: $90,000



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Pertussis vaccination for the older population

The ‘mdBriefcase for adult pertussis’ is an interactive online program developed in consultation with experts in influenza. The interactive program aims to:

  • Provide education on the national recommendations for pertussis immunisation for older adults (≥65)
  • Ensure GPs understand the severity and consequences of pertussis in older adults (≥65)
  • Ensure GPs are aware of the importance of vaccinating older adults

At conclusion of online activities, participants will be able to describe potential complications of influenza that can be prevented with vaccines, provide education to patients about the benefit of vaccines and address safety concerns, identify at risk groups that would befit from vaccination and recognise healthcare workers would benefit from immunisation against influenza.

Provider: mdBriefcase

Funding amount: AUD $70,000



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Pulmonary rehabilitation training program for COPD

Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the most effective interventions in COPD. Effective rehabilitation programs have been shown to reduce symptoms, disability, handicap, reduce hospitalisation rates and improve lung function. However pulmonary rehabilitation programs have been identified to be significantly under-utilised services in managing chronic lung disease.

Accordingly, in light of the high levels of evidence supporting pulmonary rehabilitation as part of management of COPD in conjunction with the current under utilisation, this program aimed to:

  • Train exercise professionals (physiotherapist and accredited exercise physiologists) to meet the standards required to deliver safe and best practice programs.
  • Develop awareness and engagement in the value of pulmonary rehabilitation.

Provider: Lung Foundation Australia

Funding amount: $35,550

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