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Grants provided in 2019

Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, Monash University

New Medicines Support Service for COPD

Unrestricted grant to implement a NMSS for patients initiating new medicines for the management of COPD.

Funding amount: $10,000

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Immunisation Coalition

Support for Immunisation Coalition Activities in 2019

Unrestricted grant to support the Immunisation Coalition’s planned activities for 2019 including webinars (influenza, pneumococcal disease, pertussis, meningococcal disease), publications for medical practitioners, online communication with stakeholders and target groups through social media, improving the website and disease awareness, a consumer survey, and coordinated messaging and a unified national influenza campaign.

Funding amount: $37,000


‘On Meningococcal Disease’ Medical Education Webinar

Unrestricted grant to support the preparation and delivery of a Medical Education Webinar through the RACGP portal to upskill healthcare professionals (general practitioners) on meningococcal disease, covering diagnosis and prevention options focusing on government funded programs and public health initiatives.

Funding amount: $11,000


Education and Awareness Campaign for South Australian Meningococcal B Government Vaccination Program

Unrestricted grant to support education and awareness activities for South Australian healthcare professionals (with focus on general practitioners and nurses) of the Meningococcal B government vaccination program and timelines for catch up vaccination.

Funding amount: $10,000

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Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Australian Centre for Airways Disease Monitoring (ACAM) – Respiratory monitoring in Australia 2018-2020

Unrestricted grant to provide financial support to ACAM so they can provide high quality data analysis and interpretation to guide policy, advocacy, practice and research on respiratory disease.

Funding amount: $100,000 in 2019

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Princess Alexandra Hospital

Severe Asthma Clinic

Unrestricted grant to support a severe asthma clinic to build on current specialised nursing services to improve the diagnosis and management of vocal cord dysfunction and dysfunctional breathing, develop educational materials specific to severe asthma patients, and develop protocols for nurses administering mAb across a variety of healthcare settings.

Funding amount: $47,000

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University of Newcastle

Treatable Traits Down-Under 2019

Unrestricted grant to fund a 1.5 day workshop (and subsequent development of resources and publications) focusing on furthering a label-free treatable traits approach for the clinical management of chronic airways disease.

Funding amount: $71,900


Severe Asthma Scholarship

Support to co-fund a research higher degree scholarship with the University of Newcastle for a Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Advanced Trainee. 

Funding amount: $25,000 in 2019

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St Vincent’s Public Hospital

Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic

Unrestricted grant to provide financial support to the Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic to aid the delivery of a high standard of patient care across their pulmonary hypertension patients. 

Funding amount: $25,000


Asthma-COPD Multidisciplinary Team

Unrestricted grant to facilitate the development of a multidisciplinary team for asthma/COPD to support and improve diagnosis and management of asthma and COPD, improve clinical management of patients with asthma and COPD, and improve specialist clinical management of severe eosinophilic asthma, COPD and asthma/COPD overlap.

Funding amount: $20,000

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Telethon Kids Institute

Scholarships for Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children – The Perth Course (IIC Perth)

Support for Telethon Kids Institute’s Wesfarmer Centre of Vaccines & Infectious Diseases to provide conference registration and travel costs for Indigenous students and attendees from low- to middle- income countries who otherwise may not be able to attend the event.  

Funding amount: $10,000

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Hepatitis Australia

World Hepatitis Day and Associated Activities

Unrestricted grant to support educational program based around World Hepatitis Day with core messaging focusing on broad uptake of hepatitis B vaccination, risk assessment and testing, access to care and timely treatment.

Funding amount: $20,000

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White Coats Foundation

‘Keep Cup’ Campaign

Unrestricted grant to support clinical trial awareness within the general community via merchandise provided to participants involved in clinical trials.

Funding amount: $5,000

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Myeloma Australia

Medical & Scientific Advisory Group (MSAG) Myeloma Clinical Education Workshop

Unrestricted grant to support a MSAG Myeloma Clinical Education Workshop to develop knowledge in multiple myeloma for haematology registrars, nurses, general practitioners and oncologists, and educate patients and carers on multiple myeloma.

Funding amount: $10,000

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Peninsula Health Frankston

Severe Asthma Clinic

Unrestricted grant to support the further development of the Severe Asthma Clinic at Frankston Hospital, including the expansion of the severe asthma programme to meet stated goals and improve the care for patients.

Funding amount: $20,000

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