Grants provided in 2018

Hepatitis Australia

World Hepatitis Day "Why Miss Out?"

Unrestricted grant to provide financial support for activities aligned to World Hepatitis Day to engage those at risk of or affected by hepatitis B or C that may be missing out on care, and connect these individuals to vaccination, testing, treatment and support to achieve improved health outcomes.

Funding amount: $60,000

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Immunisation Coalition

Meningococcal disease awareness

Unrestricted grant for the creation of a meningococcal disease awareness package including awareness video, webinar (including educational slide deck), updated general physician guide, and social media amplification of content.

Funding amount: $20,000


Meningococcal B Advisory Council

Unrestricted grant to establish a Meningococcal B Advisory Council, with the objective to demonstrate engagement of GPs as an effective strategy for the roll out of public health programs.

Funding amount: $25,000

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Westmead Institute

Fundraising to celebrate the Westmead Institute’s 21st Birthday

Unrestricted grant to support the objective of the Westmead Institute’s 21st birthday celebrations to raise funding for new genomics equipment that will be utilised by researchers across a range of disciplines.

Funding amount: $5,000

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Vaccine & Infection Research Lab, University of New South Wales

PHAA Lunchtime Symposium titled “Vaccination of hard-to-reach and high-risk groups”

Unrestricted grant to help fund a lunchtime symposium during the National Immunisation Conference at the Public Heath Association of Australia (PHAA).

Funding amount: $5,000

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University of Melbourne

STORM 2018 public education outreach program

Unrestricted grant to provide financial support for the public education outreach program, STORM, developed as a collaboration between the Medical Faculty and Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) at the University of Melbourne, and as an extension of the pilot program in 2017 to raise awareness in the aftermath of the STORM asthma crisis in 2016.

Funding amount: $10,000

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Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Australian Centre for Airways Disease Monitoring (ACAM)– Respiratory monitoring in Australia 2018-2020

Unrestricted grant to provide financial support to ACAM so they can provide high quality data analysis and interpretation to guide policy, advocacy, practice and research on respiratory disease.

Funding amount: $100,000 in 2018

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Monash University

Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)

Unrestricted grant to support the ANZ Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry which aims to monitor access to care and provide robust data on current primary care diagnosis and referral practices in patients with myeloma, including access to expert diagnostic services and barriers to patients receiving recommended standard of care.

Funding amount: $50,000

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Western Sydney University

Developing beginning level research skills in respiratory nurses

Unrestricted grant to support one-day workshop for metropolitan, rural and remote respiratory clinical nurse consultants and clinical nurse specialists to upskill on respiratory and sleep research development.  

Funding amount: $3,900

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Alfred Health

Asthma Adherence Monitoring Program

Unrestricted grant to support the continuation of the Asthma Adherence Monitoring Program with use and monitoring of adherium devices.  

Funding amount: $20,000

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Monash Lung and Sleep Institute

Severe Asthma Program for Monash Health

Unrestricted grant to support the implementation of a Severe Asthma Program in 2018/2019 at Monash Health to improve outreach to local general practices, develop educational materials, and develop a severe asthma multidisciplinary team meeting.

Funding amount: $42,000

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Myeloma Australia

Australian Myeloma Workshop

Unrestricted grant providing financial support for a workshop to provide a focus to promote myeloma research in Australia and New Zealand and a forum for early and mid-career researchers to present their work, promote collaboration and innovation, and develop novel translational and clinical trial research.

Funding amount: $10,000

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