Pollution incident response plan

The Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) has been developed and implemented in accordance with the POEO Act (1997) at GlaxoSmithKline Sydney.

The plan is defined by the boundaries of the site at 82 Hughes Ave, Ermington and covers all operations carried out throughout the facility. GSK Sydney manufactures and markets consumer products and is located in a mixed residential and industrial area.  The site operates from 24 hours a day over five days and holds an Environmental Protection Authority Licence (EPL No. 1024).  A copy of the full PIRMP is regularly tested and maintained on site. 

If an emergency occurs that is an environmental incident which causes or threatens to cause material harm to the environment or human health, the GSK Sydney Emergency Control Organisation will inform the following authorities immediately:


Contact Details

Fire and Rescue NSW


(If there is   an immediate threat to human health or environment)


131 555

Parramatta Public Health Unit

02 9840 3603

WorkCover NSW

13 10 50

Parramatta City Council

02 9806 5000 (BH)

02 9806 5050 (AH)

All public enquires, complaints and reporting should be directed to EHS, GSK Sydney by phoning 02 9684 0843 (24 hr site security).

In the event of an environmental incident at GSK Sydney, the Emergency Planning Committee will ensure neighbouring businesses and members of the public are notified of the necessary action to ensure their safety.  GSK Sydney will implement an appropriate response plan to address the incident to minimise or manage the impact on the surrounding community including the allocation of staff to notify those affected.  These will include but not limited to:

–   Local media sources

–   GSK Australia and New Zealand webpage and media releases

–   Telephone and / or door knocking (where appropriate)