Health for all

We bring health benefits to people around the world through our open, flexible and collaborative approach to innovation and access to healthcare.

Improving global healthcare

Improving access to healthcare in impoverished and disadvantaged communities is a key focus for our business.

In recent years we have made significant advancements in our commitment to support healthcare programs in malaria, neglected tropical diseases, HIV and tuberculosis. We do this through strong partnerships with organizations such as the World Health Organization, GAVI Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as other pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Find out more about how we are delivering health for all in other countries on our global site here.

Health for all in Australia

Supporting patient advocacy groups in Australia is one of the many ways we are working to improve health for all.

In 2017, we provided more than $215,000 in grants and donations to patient groups including Polio Australia, Asthma Australia and Meningitis Centre Australia. These are independent grants to enable patient groups deliver projects that support community awareness and education on particular disease areas.

Read about community and patient groups we have supported in the past by exploring Patient and community disclosure.