Sharing our research

Regardless of whether clinical trials deliver positive or negative results, we are committed to sharing our research and collaborating with others so that we can advance our understanding of medicines and over-the-counter healthcare products.

In recent years we have taken a number of steps to increase our commitment to transparency and research collaboration.

As well as reporting the end results of clinical studies, we are being more open with our expertise, know-how and intellectual property around research, particularly around into neglected tropical diseases.

Clinical Study Register

Visit our global website for more information and access to our Clinical Study Register. The Register is a resource for researchers, medical professionals and the public to access data from GSK-sponsored clinical studies.

Patient-Level Data

Our online system for researchers to request access to anonymised patient-level data sitting behind the results of clinical trials. This system will allow researchers to examine the study details more closely, do their own analyses and learn more about medicines and how they can best be used.

Open Innovation

Our open innovation strategy is designed to promote change beyond GSK by sharing expertise, resources intellectual property and know-how with external researchers and the scientific community.