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A GSK rep talking with a pharmacist in India

Working at GSK

Everyone at GSK is focused on our three long-term priorities - Innovation, Performance, Trust, all powered by our performance-focused culture

These are designed to create lasting value for patients, consumers and shareholders. We all bring something unique to GSK and when we combine our knowledge, experiences and styles together, the impact is incredible. When we focus on our wellbeing and have the flexibility to manage our lives, we can thrive and do great things at work and home. Our world is always changing so we must take every opportunity to learn and develop.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Because we know the success of our business is dependent on our people, we are committed to developing this precious resource. Whatever your role, you will be supported through our Performance & Development Planning process to support and develop your core capability, knowledge and development. You will be assisted to achieve both your short and long term career goals through our talent management initiatives. 

Keep Growing - Training & Development

Keep Growing - Training & Development

Our world is always changing so we must take every opportunity to learn and develop. When we grow as individuals, we grow as a business.

Talent Review

Talent Review

The Talent Review process is a component of the GSK Performance & Development Planning Program. It is one of GSK’s Talent Management initiatives and consists of a series of workshops where GSK Leaders come together as a team to review and discuss their employee’s performance, development and career aspirations. 

Performance with Choice

Performance with Choice

GSK is a company with a special purpose – to help people do more, feel better and live longer. Turning that purpose into a reality must start with an amazing employee experience, because we know when each of us feels at our best, we perform at our best.

Being a modern employer means we focus on what matters most to our people. At GSK, this means managers helping employees to be themselves, feel good and keep growing, in ways that work for them.

We support and encourage employee physical and mental health and wellbeing and provide a range of programmes to help our people take control of their health, managing their energy levels and adopting healthier behaviours. And we offer flexibility through life-friendly policies so that we can make our work and home lives work well together. When we focus on our wellbeing and have the flexibility to manage our lives, we can thrive and do great things at work and at home!

GSK is committed to empowering our employees to adopt flexible working practices to #BeYou and #FeelGood both inside and outside of work. GSK’s flexible working practices are built on trust and support you to perform at your best in achieving your objectives at work whilst ensuring your personal wellbeing. This framework will provide a guide to assist you in implementing temporary or permanent changes to your work arrangements.

Flexibility is individual. One size does not fit all - depending on your role, team and personal preferences. GSK has many flexible working options available to our employees to assist in maintaining balance and enabling the best from our people.  If you do not see a flexible working arrangement that works for you below, GSK encourages you to speak to your manager so we can work together to find a solution that works for all.

As part of our flexible working framework we offer 5 Feel Good Days per year to help you feel your best. You can use these days to take time to sleep in, recharge, re-energise, connect with family or do whatever it is that makes you feel good and helps to maintain resilience and energy.

Kevin in GSK House

Employee Volunteering

Our employees devote their time and expertise to create positive change in our communities around the world. This gives them an opportunity to get to know some of our partner organisations such as Save the Children and develop professional skills in challenging environments.

In return our partners benefit from strategic planning, operational improvements and enhanced communications.

Our two flagship volunteering programmes are PULSE and Orange Days. Employees are also encouraged to join in fundraising for Save the Children.

What is PULSE?

The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is a skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, eligible employees are matched to a non-profit organisation for three or six months full-time, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad.

By using their expertise to help non-profits with their most pressing problems, employees are able to make a sustainable difference to the organisation and communities they serve. At the same time, employees benefit from this experience as they come back re-energised and return to GSK with fresh insights, ideas, and a renewed connection to our mission to help people “do more, feel better, live longer.”

You can find out more about the programme in the latest PULSE Impact Report (PDF-9.2MB).

What is Orange Day?

Our other major volunteer programme, Orange Day, gives employees one paid day off each year to volunteer for their chosen local community project. Employees can choose to do this either through a team or individually. As part of GSK Partnerships some people choose to volunteer with Save the Children.