Supporting research

We are committed to discovering and developing new medicines and vaccines, not just through our own clinical development, but also by investing in local research initiatives that are aligned with our vision and values.

GSK Australia Award for Research Excellence

Our Award for Research Excellence is one of the most prestigious awards available to the Australian medical research community. Read more about the Award here.

GSK Immunisation Grants

The GSK Immunisation Grants is a long-running public health campaign. These community grants valued at $80,000 have been developed to reward innovation that improves coverage and timely delivery of childhood and adult immunisation. 


In 2014, grants winners were selected from across Australia and included medical groups in Brisbane, Geraldton, Townsville and Mildura. All programs demonstrated a strong connection with their local communities. Healthcare practitioners are teaming up with schools and a variety of community resource centres to widen delivery and give their program the best chance of success.

  • Brisbane’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS), based at the Murri School, will use the grant to catch-up school children (about half) who have fallen behind on their recommended immunisation schedule.
  • The Goldfields-Midwest Medicare Local will raise awareness of the National Immunisation Program among local Indigenous people and visit 13 local towns in Western Australia to promote the importance of fully immunising children and adult immunity.
  • The Townsville Mackay Medicare Local is planning to enlist the support of Indigenous elders to promote immunisation.
  • Mildura’s Tristar Medical Group will use its grant to fund a hepatitis B program for local refugees.