During 2014, GSK Australia provided $1,211,915 in either financial support or donations to the following patient and community groups:

Asthma Australia (incl state based foundations)

Asthma Australia and their state foundations seek to eliminate asthma as a major cause of ill health and disruption within the community. They provide disease education, information, research, community advocacy and support to people with asthma and as well as their carers.

GSK Australia provided a total of $45,000 in independent grants to Asthma Australia and the Asthma Foundation of Victoria during 2014 as well as donations of respiratory materials to support training and emergency community response.

Asthma Australia (national)

  • $20,000 grant to support the design, development and deployment of online surveys
  • $6,000 grant to support the review of health content on the Asthma Australian website to ensure accuracy and alignment to the latest edition of the Asthma Guidelines
  • $14,000 grant for the development of a new patient education booklet
  • Donation of 1,545 Breo Ellipta placebo inhalers and 2,170 MDI inhalers for distribution to and use by state based foundations as well as Aboriginal community health organisations 

Asthma Foundation of Victoria

  • $5,000 grant to support the filming of a symposium at the Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Donation of 1,848 Ventolin MDI inhalers to support patients impacted by the Hazelwood mine fire in Morwell, Victoria. Inhalers were distributed with support from the Pharmacy Guild.
  • Donation of 1,000 MDI mouth pieces for use in training 

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Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

ACCF’s vision is to protect and enhance women’s health by eliminating cervical cancer and enabling treatment for women with this and related health issues, in Australia and in developing countries.

In 2014 we provided a $10,000 grant to support a community awareness campaign encouraging woman to get a pap test.

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Australian Commonwealth Games Association

Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) is the national body responsible for Commonwealth Games operations, publicity and development in Australia, specifically providing and organising funding, clothing, travel, accommodation and accreditation of athletes and officials to each Commonwealth Games.

In 2014 we provided the follow donation of medicines:

  • Bactroban cream x 20 units
  • Flixotide accuhaler x 5 units
  • Seretide MDI x 10 units
  • Seretide accuhaler x 10 units
  • Serevent accuhaler x 5 units
  • Relenza rotadisks x 20 units
  • Ventolin inhaler x 20 units

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Brain Tumour Alliance Australia

Brain Tumour Alliance Australia (BTAA) is the only national brain tumour patient and caregiver organisation in Australia. The group was founded in 2008 by brain tumour patients as well as current and former caregivers.

We provided a $15,000 grant to BTAA in 2014 to support the development of their website. Through this grant BTAA hope to grow their online community and improve access for those with CALD backgrounds as well as those in remote communities.


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Cancer Council Victoria

The Cancer Council of Victoria delivers innovative cancer research, prevention and support. The organisation plays a critical role in reducing the impact of all cancers.

Staff at GSK’s Abbotsford office organised an internal fundraising event for Daffodil Day. Fundraising activities raised $465, which was then matched by GSK. In total, $930.25 was donated to Cancer Council Victoria as a result of this staff initiative.

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Central Coast NSW Medicare Local

Central Coast NSW Medicare Local is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Building on the strength of the Central Coast Division of General Practice to include primary health care professionals and community members, it has the responsibility of improving the patient journey through better coordination and integration of services, identifying the health needs and service gaps for local communities, and working in partnership to meet these needs. 

In 2014 we provided a donation of 60 packs of Fluarix (single pre-filled syringes). This was part of the practice’s vaccination awareness program and ensured all staff were vaccinated against influenza. 

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Foodbank is Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation.  The organisation is a  non-denominational, non-profit organisation which acts as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry. It was first established in 1992 in NSW and now has a presence in every state and the Northern Territory with distribution centres in all state capitals as well as a number of regional centres. 

GSK have an ongoing partnership with Foodbank providing donations of any relevant and appropriate over the counter products from our Consumer Healthcare team.

In 2014 we provided the following product donations:

  • Biotene Gentle Mint Toothpaste x 34,620 units
  • Mcleans toothpaste from a range of SKUs x 22,656 units

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Foundation 49: Men's Health

Foundation 49: Men’s Health’s goal is to help Australian men to live longer and healthier lives through public awareness raising and the provision of information and resources furthering their health knowledge, and encouraging them to have a regular health check

In 2014 GSK provided a grant of $18,800 to support the development, printing and distribution of the Men's Health Tookit booklet. Booklets are provided at no cost to men’s shed, neighbourhood houses, male-related organisations and community health services who subscribe to Foundation 49.

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National Asthma Council

Australian non-profit body which serves the community by creating awareness and providing information about asthma for patients and carers.

The National Asthma Council received two grants in 2014. The first valued at $31,350 was to update and reprint the organisation’s Asthma Action Plan to ensure the resource was aligned with the new Australian Asthma Handbook.

The second valued at $13,200 was provided to support the development of a MyAsthma Guide, printed as an A5 booklet.  

The organisation also received a donation of 900 placebo devices to support training for the forthcoming year.

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National Youth Science Forum

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) brings together the best and brightest year 11 students from across the country to inspire and encourage the pursuit of scientific careers, from biology and medicine to earth science and engineering.

GSK has a long standing partnership with the NYSF providing financial support to help with the costs for running the summer camps. In 2014 we provided $10,000 and hosted a factory tour for 50 students at our Boronia facility in March.

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Melanoma Patients Australia

Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA) seeks to reduce the impact of melanoma on all Australians by providing support, information, awareness and advocacy services to melanoma patients, their carers, families and friends.

In 2014 GSK Australia provided a $25,250 grant for MPA to enable MPA staff and support group facilitators to attend a training workshop in Brisbane. Funding covered travel, accommodation and meals for representatives across Australia.

GSK Australia also bought four tickets (valued at $165 each) for staff to attend the 2014 MPA Hope Gala Dinner. Total sum tickets: $660.

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Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia supports all aspects of lung health from asthma and COPD to cancer, providing community education and a toll-free patient information and support centre.

Lung Foundation Australia supports research, develops educational fact-sheets, trains health professionals, and undertakes community awareness activity and advocacy around the country.

A grant valued at $75,000 was provide to Lung Foundation Australia to support the following activities:

  • Development work on the patient advocates group website ($7,000)
  • Design and reprinting of patient information resources including Getting Started on Home Oxygen booklet, Save Your Breath booklet and COPD – Breathe Easier pamphlet ($8,800)
  • Support for the continued roll out and promotion of community exercise program ‘Lungs in Action’ ($44,200)
  • Development of a short information video for the Indigenous community ($15,500)

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Peters Project

Living in regional communities can pose a variety of challenges when someone gets sick.  Peter's Project is working to provide a dedicated state of the art facility for cancer patients in south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia. The initiative aims to improve healthcare access for those who otherwise would have to drive more than three hours for cancer treatment. 

In 2014 Peter’s Project reached out to all local businesses need your help to raise $5 million toward the building of an Integrated Cancer Care Centre.  The centre will provide much needed radiotherapy treatment, various cancer services and support to people with cancer in a friendly and welcoming environment.

GSK Australia’s Opiates business contributed $25,000 to Peter’s Project to support this important work.

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Polio Australia

Polio Australia provides quality information and services to ensure polio survivors have access to appropriate health care and support. In addition to patient support Polio Australia seek to provide information, education and training to General Practitioners and a range of other medical specialists and health professionals to improve the diagnosis and management of the late effects of polio.

GSK Australia has had a longstanding partnership with Polio Australia. Our support continued in 2014 with an $8,000 grant for the annual Polio Australia Retreat which provides support for those living with the effects of post polio syndrome and the late effects of polio. 

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Port Fairy Consolidated School

Port Fairy Consolidated School is a well established primary school in regional south-west Victoria.

As one of the largest businesses in the area GSK’s Port Fairy site was a key supporter of the school in 2014 by sponsoring the Year 6 Graduation Award for Mathematics/ Science ($250).

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Port Fairy Surf Life Saving Club

Situated on Victoria’s coast GSK’s Port Fairy Opiates business is an active supporter of local community initiatives including the Port Fairy Surf Life Saving Club.

In 2014 GSK provided a one off donation of $8,900 for the club to purchase equipment for the Youth Development Program.

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Prince of Wales Hospital

Prince of Wales Hospital is a major public teaching hospital located in Sydney's eastern suburb of Randwick, providing a full range of hospital services to the people of New South Wales, Australia.

In 2014 GSK announced the closure of the Phase 1 Medicines Research Unit that had been operating from the hospital. All usable and relevant items that were being used by the research unit were donated to the hospital for the benefit of patients and the medical community including printers, chairs, pharmaceutical refrigerators and other medical equipment.

The value of this donation, based on net book value at the time of donation was $229,691.86. 

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St Patrick’s Parish Primary School

St Patrick’s Primary School in Port Fairy is located in the same community of GSK’s Port Fairy site.

As one of the largest businesses in the area, GSK Australia was a key supporter of the school in 2014 by sponsoring the Annual Award for Science and Mathematics Award ($250).

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Rare Cancers Australia

Rare Cancers Australia Ltd is a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common (RLC) cancers. Every year there are over 44,000 diagnoses of RLC Cancers and around 24,000 deaths.

As distinct from common cancers (breast, prostate, bowel, lung and melanoma) there is very little patient support offered to RLC cancer patients.

In 2014 GSK provided a total of $50,000 in grants to support the following:

  • ongoing development and maintenance costs for a campaign website – sickortreat.org.au ($10,000).
  • development of Rare Cancers Australia position paper and budget submission ($15,000)
  • sponsorship of a report launch including a national roadshow, support for ongoing maintenance and development of the RCA website and associated administrative costs ($25,000)

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Rare Voices Australia

Rare Voices Australia is a national organisation advocating for patients living with a rare disease and their carers. They aim to promote a healthcare policy and system that works for those with a rare disease by working with government, researchers, clinicians and industry groups. RVA also provides information to individuals and links other rare disease support groups and organisations.

In 2014 we provided a $20,000 grant to Rare Voices Australia. This funding was to support the development of a patient insights publication: Experiences of Living with a Rare Disease.


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Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world and one of Australia’s most iconic charities. It delivers extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to those who live, work and travel throughout Australia.

GSK Australia has been a long term partner of the RFDS, providing an annual donation since 2009.

In 2014 we provided a $100,000 community donation to support the following:

  • printing and distribution of a new marketing brochure ‘Caring for our communities across Victoria’  ($55,000)
  • Sponsorship of the annual Come Fly with Me luncheon ($15,000)
  • Support for the organisation to exhibit at the Royal Melbourne Show  ($15,000)
  • Support and attendance of GSK staff at awareness and fundraising events such as Going the Distance dinner ($5,000)
  • Core funding ($10,000)

The RFDS was also a charity of choice for staff during our annual staff conference in February.  This support included purchasing of RFDS branded water bottles and pens as well as donating $3,000 to support the RFDS Diabetes Care Program and $3,000 to support the purchase of a heart start machine. 

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Save the Children Australia

Save the Children is Australia's largest aid and development agency dedicated to helping children and a global partner of GSK. 

Throughout the year GSK provided a number of charitable donations including:

  • $1,000 to support restoration efforts the Jebb Women’s Refuge in Queensland following a fire
  • $10,352 to support the running of the organisation’s Youth Advisory Council in NSW.
  • $10,000 to support a mobile playscheme in regional Victoria servicing families in and around Mooroopna, Merrigum, Murchison, Tatura and North Shepparton.

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Victoria Police

GSK Australia has been a long standing supporter of Victoria Police’s Kokoda Project. This initiative, designed to support disengaged youth, unites a select number of high school students in two schools in Melbourne, local police officers and community members from around north west Melbourne through a four month intensive training program and nine day trek across the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea.

GSK Australia has supported the project since it began in 2005 by donating vaccinations. Since then the initiative has extended to other areas of Melbourne including Wyndham.

In 2014 GSK provided the following support:

  • sponsoring one student ($6,000) and one GSK staff member ($6,000) to participate in the Moonee Valley initiative
  • donation of Havarix (Hepatitis A), Boostrix (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) and Malarone (Malaria prophylaxis) for participants in both the Moonee Valley and Wyndam  cohort 

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Warrnambool West Primary School

Warrnambool West Primary School is located close to GSK’s Port Fairy manufacturing site site.

GSK’s Opiates team provided $983.62 to assist the school with the purchase of lab coats and safety glasses.

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