Educational activities funded in 2016

We provide details on all funded independent medical education grants in Australia as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency. 

Details of the independent medical education initiatives we fund in Australia will be posted on this page once funding has been approved.


An update on varicella vaccine in Australia

The “update on varicella vaccines in Australia” IME will be a online program tailored to Australian HCPs.

 The program will be to provide:

  • background knowledge of varicella disease

  • overview of recent clinical data

  • an update on the burden of varicella disease in Australia

  • current approach to vaccination

  • Overview of the evidence based recommendations

The interactive program will adopt patient case studies, expert commentary, clinical overviews with the objective of enabling HCPs to recognise the risks and complications associated with varicella disease, identify patients at risk and understand the current evidence based recommendations for varicella vaccination to support the effective management of varicella in Australia.

Provider: mdBriefcase

Funding amount: AU$ 70,000.00

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COPD - a multifaceted education intervention for Primary Care

This program aims to provide greater clarity to health professionals on medicine choice for COPD, improve adherence and inhaler technique, and reduce confusion associated with medicines for COPD and asthma.

Provider: VentureWise Pty Ltd

Funding: AU$ 214,057.00

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A practical approach to travel immunisation in general practice with a focus on visiting friends & relatives for refugee & migrant populations

Although Australia generally has high overall immunization coverage, some population groups are at risk of under-immunization, including migrants and refugees. Migrants who travel to their country of origin are at higher risk of contracting travel diseases compared to other travelers and data has shown that newly arrived refugees are incompletely immunized. Barriers to delivery of pre-travel immunization for these groups exist at both the patient and provider level, including lack of resources, misconceptions and training needs. Currently, education for GPs is focused on childhood vaccination (through the NIP). This will be the first widely available education program for GPs that addresses the needs of these groups.

Provider: University of New South Wales

Funding: AU$ 76,056.00

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COPD eLearning Project: Modular training

The project involves the development of 6 x 60mins online learning modules about COPD management across key areas of C: Case finding and confirm diagnosis, O: Optimise function, P: Prevent deterioration, D: Develop a plan of care and X: Manage exacerbations. This would provide quality evidence-based training in an accessible and manageable format for general practice.  

Provider: Lung Foundation of Australia

Funding: AU$ 28,500.00

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GP Symposium – Managing Respiratory Disorders in Primary Care

This will be a RACGP-accredited one-day GP education symposium covering the management of respiratory disorders encountered in primary care. The program content will be delivered using different channels including face-to-face meeting, webinar and E-learning 

Provider: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Funding: AU$ 62,535.00

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COPD and Asthma Intensive: an interactive assessment, treatment and device workshop

This is a one-day intensive COPD and Asthma assessment, treatment, and device workshop. Training will incorporate practical aspects including hands on work with devices (and peer assessment), as well as speaker led collaborative workshopping of assessment and treatment approaches. Extensive use of online questionnaire and assessment/evaluation tools (both before and after education), multimedia presentation tools, an extensive electronic library of device education material and active social media feeds ensure participants have ongoing access to current and future developments in COPD and Asthma best practice. Independent expert Faculty includes Allergy and Asthma heads of department with peer review by Respiratory Physicians, Respiratory Nurses and Respiratory Physiotherapists and educators in the area of Asthma and COPD. Application for APNA and RACGP accreditation  will be sought.

Provider: Lung Health Promotion Centre at the Alfred

Funding: AU$ 49,840.00

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Woolcock pulmonary physiology symposium

This one day symposium about pulmonary physiology with a focus on airways disease is targeted at respiratory medicine trainees, registrars, physicians and allied health providers. The symposium will include presentations, small group discussions, case studies and hands-on practical workshops.

Provider: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Funding: AU$ 18,383.00

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Travel Health Check Audit


Australian Doctor Education – “Travel Health Check – Audit”: A Category 1 RACGP Accredited Audit  focussed on travelling patients at risk of vaccine preventable diseases whilst overseas (focus on hepatitis B).

Provider: Cirrus Media – Australian Doctor Group

Funding - $93,000.00

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