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The total amount paid to healthcare professionals in 2014 was $3,466,951. This figure covers both the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare businesses in Australia however does not include payments to consultants in relation to research and development work, including clinical trials. 

This aggregate number is broken into the following categories:



Consultancy fees related to healthcare professionals providing services such as advisory boards, speaking and writing engagements. $890,503
Individual healthcare professionals to attend international congresses and local meetings (includes registration fees, accommodation and travel). This category also now includes hopistality costs for GSK-hosted events and sponsorships to HCOs where GSK receives a benefit in return such as a stand at a conference or a speaking slot at a symposium. $2,158,488
Grants or donations to HCOs (non-individual). This category includes activities where GSK is not involved and does not receive a service or direct benefit. $418,000

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GSK is the first pharmaceutical company in Australia to make public the aggregate amount spent on grants, donations and sponsorships with healthcare professionals and related organisations.

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