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Feel the tingle? Think Zovirax, Australia’s #1 brand for cold sore relief1.

Zovirax features aciclovir as its active ingredient, an antiviral treatment for cold sores.

Lip balms won’t treat a cold sore virus, what you want is Zovirax. It is a clinically proven range of antiviral products that stop the cold sore virus multiplying and speeds healing2.

Zovirax Cream contains our unique MAC-P Formula, a penetrating agent that helps deliver up to five times more available aciclovir into the skin than generic aciclovir formulations with 15% propylene glycol3. Zovirax Cream helps cuts cold sore healing time in half4.

Zovirax Duo has a dual active formula of acyclovir and hydrocortisone that is clinically proven to help prevent the blister and speed up healing time.

1. AU IQVIA & Nielsen Grocery & Pharmacy Scan Data, Value Sales of Cold Sore Relief, MAT to 30/05/20.

2. On average compared with historical data for untreated cold sores.

3. Laboratory data. Effect on healing time has not been determined.

4. On average: compared with historical data for untreated cold sores.

5. When used early.

Zovirax: Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. if symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Zovirax Duo: Ask your pharmacist - they must decide if this product is right for you.


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