Supply updates

Last Updated 23 April 2018

We commit to ensuring the quality, safety and reliable supply of our products. If the supply of our medicines or vaccines is disrupted in Australia we will publish details here.

Menveo [Meningococcal (Groups A, C, W-135 and Y) Oligosaccharide CRM197 Conjugate Vaccine] is experiencing a supply constraint and is currently out of stock.

This supply constraint is due to manufacturing disruption combined with high demand. There is no impact on the safety or quality of the product. We expect the supply situation to normalise in 2019, and will provide the next update on supply of this vaccine in January 2019.


Hepatitis-containing vaccines

Havrix 720 Junior [inactivated hepatitis A virus vaccine] is experiencing supply constraints and is currently out of stock. We expect to provide the next update on supply of this vaccine in August 2018.

Havrix 1440 Adult [inactivated hepatitis A virus vaccine] continues to be available.

Engerix-B adult (hepatitis B surface antigen recombinant (yeast) vaccine)

This vaccine is experiencing intermittent supply constraints in Australia due to a disruption in the manufacturing process. Production is now back to normal, however it will take time to re-build capacity.

GSK prioritises hepatitis B vaccine availability for those most at risk of the disease and confirms uninterrupted supply of Engerix-B to all Australian State, Territory and Federal Government vaccination programs where Engerix-B is the vaccine of choice.

We understand this supply disruption may be distressing for those who are not covered by government programs and who may be required to vaccinate themselves for occupational reasons or because they are planning on travelling to hepatitis-affected areas.

Engerix-B paediatric(hepatitis B surface antigen recombinant (yeast) vaccine) continues to be available.

Please visit the TGA website for ongoing updates to supply.

For more information on GSK's medicines or vaccines, please contact GSK medical information on 1800 033 109.