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GSK Australia commits to new Reconciliation Action Plan

GSK Australia today committed to a new Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), launching the plan at events at its Melbourne and Sydney offices. Through the plan, GSK aims to make a tangible difference in the nation’s reconciliation journey, capitalising on its expertise in the healthcare landscape to help eliminate the disadvantages and challenges faced by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

In its 2018 RAP, endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, GSK Australia focuses on identifying and promoting opportunities of economic and social empowerment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, building cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity within its business, building relationships with organisations and individuals to support reconciliation, and closing the gap in health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

As part of achieving these goals, GSK will continue initiatives like the GSK Immunisation Grants program – a long-running public health campaign that aims to improve the uptake, compliance, timeliness and awareness of immunisation in Australia. In 2018 GSK provided grants to the Central Queensland Public Health Unit for its vaccination coverage improvement project in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

Anne Belcher, General Manager GSK Australia said: “The Australian community—including businesses like GSK—must work together to address the inequalities that exist between health, income, living standards and life expectancy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. 

“I am thrilled to see GSK enter the next stage of our reconciliation journey through our 2018 RAP. Reconciliation in Australia is extremely important, and is a process in which we should all participate.”

The RAP launch event in Melbourne was attended by Trevor Pearce, Acting CEO, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Inc., Mr Adam Bandt MP, and Dianne Leona Krenske, Nurse Unit Manager, Public Health Unit, Rockhampton and representative of the 2018 GSK Immunisation Grant-winning Central Queensland Public Health Unit. A representative of the local Darug Community and Mr John Alexander MP attended the Launch in Sydney. Both events featured indigenous-run, local suppliers and artists.