Bexsero® (Meningococcal B) vaccine availability

There continues to be a global increase in demand for Bexsero (meningococcal B) vaccine which is reflected in Australia as well.

Bexsero is a multi-component Meningococcal B vaccine and is not currently available on the National Immunisation Program but available in the private market.

GSK confirms that another delivery of Bexsero has been released into the private market.

Robust supply of Bexsero for the Australian private market is planned for 2017 with five times the volume of vaccine expected to be delivered into the country compared to 2016.

Demand remains high and it is possible that as we release deliveries of Bexsero into the market, supply may be depleted quickly to fill back orders and waiting lists.

As demand continues to exceed supply, intermittent stock outs may occur as deliveries come in and are depleted before the next delivery arrives. This may continue until supply and demand reach a more stable state which is estimated midyear. 

We regret the inconvenience this may cause people and their families who want the vaccine, as well as pharmacists and doctors.

Families can expect to pay in the range $120-140 per dose of Bexsero depending on which pharmacy they visit.

Please visit the TGA website for ongoing updates to supply.

For more information, please contact GSK medical information on 1800 033 109 or visit Bexsero Consumer Medicine Information.

Journalist enquiries, please contact Kim O'Donohue on 0477 322 431