Mark Lambert

Vaccines Supply Chain Operations Manager Pharmaceuticals Joined GSK in 2003

What is your background?

After finishing school I completed a Bachelor of Science at Latrobe University. Since then I have worked for three pharmaceutical companies and have found myself at GSK for the last 11 years. I have worked through various roles at GSK from a microbiology lab technician through to my current role in supply chain operations.

Describe your role

I work in customer service and logistics, managing the process from customer order through to delivery at the customer’s door. I ensure our vaccine products get to the right place in the right condition to ensure Australians can be vaccinated.  

What do you like about working with GSK?

I have always felt pride in working in the pharmaceutical industry especially knowing that you help people every day. Working at GSK where our products help millions of Australians including my mum, dad, brothers, wife and children I couldn’t be prouder.

Day to day I think working with cross functional groups in alignment to achieve the common goal is extremely rewarding. Knowing that the decisions we make day to day help the health of others is extremely satisfying.

How has GSK supported your career development?

In every role I have held in GSK I have been given the opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally. This could be in the form of a challenging project, an increase in responsibilities or formal training – there is constant development.

What do you do when you aren’t at work?

Despite living in the world’s greatest city for live sports events, I prefer to compete rather than be a spectator. I am passionate about playing local competitive sport, namely tennis and golf.

However having a 1 year old and a 4 year old, my children have recently increased my ability to dance, sing, read books and do craft. Admittedly on some facets I’m not very good but it doesn’t matter to them.

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