PharmAus 2017: Showcasing the health and economic benefits of innovation in medicines

The inaugural PharmAus showcase saw GSK and 19 other innovative pharmaceutical companies illustrate our industry’s investment and collaboration with Australia’s top research institutes, universities, biotechs and patients, to deliver the latest breakthroughs in treatment.


We were excited to take a truly collaborative approach to highlight the health and societal benefits of vaccination across the Australian community; showcase the significant benefits our industry adds to both patients and the Australian economy by developing innovative and effective products; and demonstrate how, through partnerships, our industry can apply its R&D and manufacturing site capabilities to develop the best possible products for developing countries.


Held at Federal Parliament House, the event was well-attended by key Industry representatives, Members of Parliament, Senators and their respective staff, looking to learn more about how scientific innovation can help to improve the health of Australians.


Through an immersive virtual reality experience and in-depth conversations about our current partnerships with Save the Children, Monash University and Deakin University, we were able to highlight to attendees, the benefits of leveraging partnerships and strategic co-investment to deliver optimal humanitarian health outcomes. PharmAus presented an ideal forum to discuss the opportunities that exist for our industry’s business leadership to help solve the biggest challenges to humanitarian response.


Our vaccines stand enabled positive reflection on the role government vaccination programs have played in virtually eradicating some diseases and the importance of the continued use of vaccines as a preventative measure against diseases. It was particularly exciting to work alongside industry colleagues to help growth a better understanding of the vaccines manufacturing process and further explain some of the challenges that exist.


PharmAus was a brilliant opportunity to learn from our industry peers, further understand the opportunities to work with Government and illustrate the benefits of the work of the pharmaceutical industry. 

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