Trusted partnership achieves supply chain improvements

At GSK, listening to the voice of our customers is important. When we received feedback from customers that the number of eskies used for distribution of our vaccines was excessive we worked with our partner to find a solution.

Through a thorough review we noted that for every 100 orders from our customers we would despatch 148 eskies.  In one instance 25 eskies were dispatched for one order.  The excessive number of eskies was a result of having only one size of esky available for all orders.  Additionally our investigation revealed that as a result of only having one size of esky the carbon foot print and cost of distribution was higher than it needed to be.  Further, the review revealed the type of esky being used was easily damaged and required replacement after three uses. 

We've worked in partnership with trusted third party suppliers for many years to distribute our vaccines to doctors’ surgeries and clinics across Australia.

We asked our partner to make changes to the existing distribution model so that it addressed our environmental, compliance and customer requirements. After months of analysis and negotiation a great solution with multiple benefits was created.

The new model includes:

  • Multiple esky sizes which have increased freight efficiency by 29%
  • A new cardboard outer layer around the esky allowing the vessel to be reused ten times instead of three
  • A recyclable material being used to make the esky
  • Greater customer satisfaction through less waste (reduction in number of eskies) and more cost effective delivery charges.  

By adapting the existing practice and working together to share insights, the GSK team has ensured an ongoing and sustainable delivery of vaccines to our key customers.

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