A rapid response to slow acting disasters

The Pacific Islands are synonymous with tropical beaches and romantic honeymoons, but this region is also the most disaster prone region in the world.

Malnutrition may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of natural disasters, but can be as life-threatening as earthquakes or hurricanes. Climatic-related shocks, such as drought or excessive rainfall, place a strain on the availability and affordability of food, clean drinking water and health care.

The challenge of malnutrition in remote parts of the world like the Pacific has both a human and economic cost – and can be devastating not only for individuals but at a macro-level too.

That’s why, working together with Save the Children and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia, we’ve supported the establishment of a new Emergency Health Unit (EHU).

The Emergency Health Unit (EHU) is designed to provide a rapid response to natural disasters and by providing essential healthcare during slow-acting disasters like malnutrition.

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