Our mission and strategy

Our mission is to help people do more, feel better and live longer.

We are focused on three key strategic priorities which aim to increase growth, reduce risk and improve our long-term financial performance. These priorities are:

  • grow a diversified global business
  • deliver more products of value and;
  • simplify the operating model.

Read about how we are progressing against our three strategic priorities here

Operating responsibly and ensuring our values are embedded in our culture and decision-making are also key focus areas for us.

We constantly look at how we need to change and evolve to meet and exceed community expectations.

In 2010 we became the first company in Australia to commit to publishing how much we spend on interactions with healthcare professionals. In 2013 we announced intentions to go one step further by phasing out these payments. We have also announced plans to remove any financial incentives for our sales representatives linked to the sale of our medicines.