During 2013, GSK Australia provided $544,302.55 in either financial support or donations to the following patient and community groups:

All About Acne

All About Acne aim to help and encourage people who are adversely affected by acne to seek help from a health professional such as a pharmacist, GP or dermatologist.

Stiefel, a GSK company, continued its support for All About Acne in 2013 by providing a $10,000 grant for the ongoing development and maintenance of the All About Acne website.

The organisation’s website is written by a team of leading Australian health and medical professionals from around the country and provides the most up-to-date, practical and relevant information for patients with severe acne in Australia

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Australian Olympic Committee

The Australian Olympic Committee is dedicated to Australia's athletes and encourages the development of high performance sport through athlete support and funding initiatives.

In 2013 GSK Australia provided a one-off donation of the following items to support the health and wellbeing of the Australian Winter Athletes and their participate in the 2014 Sochi Games: Ventolin (salbutamol), Serevent (salmeterol xinafoate), Seretide (fluticasone/salmeterol), Flixotide (fluticasone), Avamys (fluticasone furoate), Relenza (zanamivir) - donation value $2,871.37

GSK also provided 150 doses of Fluarix (donation value $1,125) to the Australian Winter Olympic Athletes in 2013 to protect them against influenza.

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Asthma Australia (Including Asthma Foundations of Vic and QLD)

The Asthma Australia and their state foundations seek to eliminate asthma as a major cause of ill health and disruption within the community. They provide disease education, information, research, community advocacy and support to people with asthma and as well as their carers.

In 2013 GSK Australia provided the following support to Asthma Australia and the state foundations:

Asthma Australia (national)

- Gold sponsorship ($25,000) of the Asthma Australia National Conference. This event was to support the organisation achieve their strategic objectives by gathering key stakeholders to discuss asthma in Australia.
-GSK Australia also provided 260 placebo asthma inhalers to support the Quality Use of Medicines campaign in pharmacies. 

Asthma Foundation of Victoria

- Purchase of three tickets (valued at $65 each) to the Foundations 50th anniversary event held in Melbourne.

Asthma Foundation of Queensland

- $10,000 sponsorship of the Foundation’s World Asthma Day Symposium held on May 1 in Brisbane. This symposium provided a valuable platform for discussions for a number collaborative national and international projects 

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Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross is a member of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (the International Movement. Their mission is to prevent or reduce human suffering, wherever it is found.

The Australian Red Cross, an official emergency relief partner of the 2013 Tasmanian bushfire appeal, received a $5,000 donation from GSK’s opiates business following the state’s worst bushfires in 40 years.

All funds raised through the appeal have been used to assist individuals, families and communities directly affected by the January 2013 Tasmanian bushfires. 

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Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse seeks to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, carers and their families by advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of the disease.

In 2013, GSK’s Consumer healthcare business selected Chris O'brien as a charity of choice providing them with $5,000 donation as part of staff engagement activity.

The business also matched $752 of staff fundraising money bringing the total GSK donation to $5,752

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DEBRA Australia

DEBRA Australia offers advocacy, financial support, emotional support and networking opportunities to families who are living with the rare skin disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). DEBRA Australia also uses donations to fund local and international research into a cure for EB.

In 2013, DEBRA Australia received $1,265 from Stiefel Research Australia, a GSK Company. This money was raised by staff through the sale of obsolete computer equipment and employee donations

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Situated in close proximity to our Abbotsford office, FareShare provide free, nutritious food to Victoria’s homeless and needy.

GSK Australia provided a $250 donation in 2013 to support the work of six GSK volunteers who spent the day with the organisation as part of GSK’s volunteering program, Orange Day.

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Influenza Specialist Group

The Influenza Specialist Group (ISG) consists of medical and scientific specialists from around Australia and New Zealand with an interest in influenza.

In 2013 GSK Australia supported ISG with a $40,000 grant.

This funding was used to support the ‘Launch of Flu Season’ campaign including the commissioning of consumer research to better understand the public perceptions as well as the development of a decision aide to support healthcare professionals in appropriate use of flu vaccination in children.

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Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Health Australia is a not for profit organization focused on promoting good kidney health through education, advocacy, research and support.

In 2013 GSK provided the organisation with $5,000 for the development of patient support materials designed to assist patient understanding of kidney cancer and the support services available. 

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KidsCan NZ

KidsCan are not for profit organisation committed to meeting the physical and nutritional needs of Kiwi kids less fortunate than others so they can be more engaged in their education and have a better chance of reaching their potential in life.

In 2013 GSK’s Consumer healthcare business selected KidsCan as a charity of choice providing them with $5,000 donation.

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Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia supports all aspects of lung health from asthma and COPD to cancer, providing community education and a toll-free patient information and support centre.

Lung Foundation Australia supports research, develops educational fact-sheets, trains health professionals, and undertakes community awareness activity and advocacy around the country.

In 2013 GSK Australia provided $65,000. This money supported the following activities:

  • Development of version 3 of COPDX: Evidence based guidelines for improving exercise capacity and quality of life. Funding was used to commission an independent scientific writer to draft and review the document ($15,000) 
  • Development of Pharmacy Online training package: Funding was allocated to drafting the program, evaluating the pilot and developing marketing materials to promote availability of the training ($20,000) 
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network: Funding used to support the continued development of program guidelines, an online forum and face to face meetings ($3,000) 
  • Lungs in Action Program: Designed to extend the benefits of rehabilitation by providing a safe environment in which those with stable chronic disease can maintain physical and social activities. Funding will support the development of new programs and a forum for LiA instructors and mentors, allow for the website and moodle to be upgraded, implement a licensing and accreditation strategy and develop a LiA pilot program for indigenous Australians ($20,000) 
  • Medicare Local Communication and Engagement: Funding will support current COPD presentations being adapted into a ‘train the trainer’ model and development of content for the website. Presentations will be made available to GP’s and practice nurses, community pharmacists, Allied Health Practitioners, personal care workers in residential aged care facilities and related community groups ($5,000) 
  • World COPD Day ($2,000) 

GSK provided further support through the printing and distribution of Lung Foundation resources to 3,500 pharmacies (value $15, 470). 

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Melanoma Patients Australia

Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA) seeks to reduce the impact of melanoma on all Australians through providing support, information, awareness and advocacy services to melanoma patients, their carers, families and friends.

In 2013 MPA received a $25,000 grant to support:

  • the design and production of the ‘Guide to Melanoma Patients’ booklet 
  • the attendance of Melanoma Patients Australia staff, melanoma patients and carers at the Melanoma Consumer Forum at the 2013 Global Controversies and Advances in Skin Cancer Congress in Brisbane

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National Asthma Council

Australian non-profit body which serves the community by creating awareness and providing information about asthma for patients and carers.

GSK Australia provided $65,750 to the National Asthma Council in 2013 to support the following activities:

  • Translation of written asthma action plans into nine different languages ($8,800) 
  • Printing of 10,000 asthma action plan z-cards ($26,450) 
  • Printing of 26,500 asthma action plan wallets ($26,500)

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National Youth Science Forum

The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) brings together the best and brightest year 11 students from across the country to inspire and encourage the pursuit of scientific careers, from biology and medicine to earth science and engineering.

GSK Australia is a long term supporter of the NYSF. In 2013 we provided a $10,000 grant to support the delivery of three industry partner days and hosted close to 70 students for a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of our Boronia factory.

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Pharmacy Guild NSW

The Pharmacy Guild seeks to maintain community pharmacies as the most appropriate primary providers of health care to the community through optimum therapeutic use of drugs, drug management and related services.

In 2013 GSK worked with Asthma Australia and the Pharmacy Guild’s NSW branch to support communities affected by devastating bushfires. Through this partnership GSK provided an emergency supply of 2,208 units of Ventolin MDI, valued at $16,560 and 230 asthma spacers valued at $2,760.

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Polio Australia

Polio Australia provides quality information and services to ensure polio survivors have access to appropriate health care and support. In addition to patient support Polio Australia seek to provide information, education and training to General Practitioners and a range of other medical specialists and health professionals to improve the diagnosis and management of the late effects of polio.

GSK Australia continued to support the organisation in 2013 with an $8,000 grant for the annual Polio Australia Retreat which provides support for those living with the effects of post polio syndrome and the late effects of polio.

GSK also provided mentoring support for a Polio Australia marketing intern during 2013.

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Port Fairy Community Services Centre

GSK's opiates business is located in the township of Port Fairy. Port Fairy Community Services Centre run a successful Early Years Program for children aged 6 months to 6 years and provides them with the opportunity to learn new skills and obtain knowledge through play.

In 2013 GSK's opiates business provided a $3,544 donation for the Port Fairy Community Services Centre to purchase math and science resources for the Early Years Program

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Pulmonary Hypertension Australia

Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Australia (PHAA) provide support, create awareness and provide the latest information and research on Pulmonary Hypertension. PHAA is registered non profit organisation, managed by a committee that is elected every Annual General Meeting. This committee is made up of PH patients, family members and friends

In 2013 GSK worked with PHAA to develop a short film of people living with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and their carers.

The film was produced by GSK (valued at $32,000) and provided to the PHAA for independent use with newly diagnosed patients, inform healthcare professionals and carers and to provide awareness of the disease among the general public.

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Rare Cancers Australia

Rare Cancers Australia Ltd is a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common (RLC) cancers. Every year there are over 44,000 diagnoses of RLC Cancers and around 24,000 deaths.

As distinct from common cancers (breast, prostate, bowel, lung and melanoma) there is very little patient support offered to RLC cancer patients.

GSK Australia provided a $10,000 grant to Rare Cancers to support the organisation the development of a report, documenting comprehensive and easily accessible data on the state of rare and less common cancers in Australia.

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Rare Voices Australia

Rare Voices Australia is a national organisation advocating for patients living with a rare disease and their carers. They aim to promote a healthcare policy and system that works for those with a rare disease by working with government, researchers, clinicians and industry groups. RVA also provides information to individuals and links other rare disease support groups and organisations.

GSK Australia provided a $10,000 grant to Rare Voices Australia. This funding was used to deliver workshops for clinicians and patients, helping them better understand the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the Life Saving Drugs Program in Australia.

These workshops also provided young Australians living with a rare disease the opportunity to engage in an educational workshop which discusses the issues faced in transition to adult care

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Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world and one of Australia’s most iconic charities. It delivers extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to those who live, work and travel throughout Australia.

GSK Australia has been a long term partner of the RFDS, providing an annual donation since 2009.

In 2013 our support comprised of a $100,000 donation that when to the following:

  • Support for the delivery of Pit Stop health checks in Adelaide, Perth and Victorian ($35,000) 
  • Support for the delivery of health promotion program at the Mount lsa Field Day in Queensland 
  • and facilitation of an airbase open day ($10,000) 
  • Support for the development of marketing collateral for the dental or optometry mobile clinics ($15,000) 
  • Support the development of a school play and associated materials ($10,000) 
  • Sponsorship for the Victorian division's 85th anniversary celebrations ($15,000) 
  • Funding support and attendance at other fundraising events ($5,000) 
  • Core funding ($10,000) 

GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business also provided a product donation of 600 units of toothpaste (valued at $2,274) to support the organisation’s dental program in regional Victoria.

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Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation was formed in the eighties and is responsible for raising, managing and distributing donated funds to The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

GSK Australia provided the Foundation with a range of toys and life size cardboard cut outs, valued at $1,500. Toys included large plastic lego, soft toys, plastic jewellery, dinosaur figurines, wooden blocks and hoola hoops. Items were left over from a staff engagement activity at GSK’s mid-year conference

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Save the Children Australia

Save the Children is Australia's largest aid and development agency dedicated to helping children and a global partner of GSK.

GSK Australia provided a $10,000 donation to support one of the organisation's Victorian programs ‘It takes a Village’. This early childhood care and development program provides supported playgroup sessions for children and women from migrant and refugee backgrounds in Victoria.

The GSK Consumer healthcare business also selected Save the Children as a charity of choice during their national conference in 2013 and provided at $5,000 donation to the organisation's New South Wales state office. 

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St Vincent de Paul

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has more than 40,000 members and volunteers, who work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia.

In 2013 St Vincent de Paul was one of the official charities supporting the Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal. GSK's Consumer healthcare team donated $7,880.92 in toothbrushes, toothpaste to St Vincent de Paul to support their outreach work for families impacted by the fires.

An additional donation of adult and children’s toothpaste and toothbrushes valuing $10,977.88 was provided in October to the organisation to support their relief efforts in the NSW Bushfire Appeal.

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Southwest Healthcare

Southwest Healthcare provide a comprehensive range of health care services to enhance the quality of life for people of South West Victoria.

GSK’s Opiates division provided a one off donation of $9,085 in 2013 to support the purchase of the hospitals first Camera Guided Laryngoscope.

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Tasmanian Women in Agriculture

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture (TWiA) is a voluntary, non political, independent and grass roots organisation that recognises the needs and aspirations of people involved in agriculture, business and living in rural communities, in particular women and their families in Tasmania.

GSK’s Opiates division in Tasmania provided $500 to the TWiA in 2013 to support the Science Investigation Awards.

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Victoria Police (Kopkoda Project)

GSK Australia has been a long standing supporter of Victoria Police’s Kokoda Project. This initiative, designed to support disengaged youth, unites a select number of high school students in two schools in Melbourne, local police officers and community members from around north west Melbourne through a four month intensive training program and nine day trek across Kokoda.

GSK Australia has supported the project since it began in 2005 by donating vaccinations. In 2013 we maintained this commitment providing a donation of Havarix (Hepatitis A), Typherix (Typhoid), Boostrix (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) and Malarone (Malaria prophylaxis) for each of the participants (valued at $8,063) as well as sponsoring one student to participate ($6,000) and one GSK staff member ($6,000).

GSK Australia’s Consumer healthcare business also provided a donation of toothpaste valued at $423.26. These items were given out in a showbag of other donated items for trekkers and supporters of the Kokoda Project on return from PNG.

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Yambuk Rural Fire Brigade

Yambuk Rural Fire Brigade, part of the Country Fire Authority (CFA), is located in close proximity to the GSK’s Port Fairy site.

In 2013 GSK provided a donation of $3,333 to support the purchase of a new light fire pump for the fire station.

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