2016 Healthcare Organisation Support Disclosure

We provide a range of support for Healthcare organisations across Australia including financial grants and donations.

We are committed to working with these Healthcare organisations with the highest level of transparency and ethical standards.

To ensure common understandings and transparency, a written agreement outlining the conditions and outcomes of our support is developed in consultation with receiving organisations. All grants and donations provided to Healthcare organisations are published annually on our website.


Telethon Kids Institute

Grant for 2 healthcare professionals to attend the PHAA congress for scientific & educational

Organisation: Telethon Kids Institute

Funding: AU$ 4818.18

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The Telethon Kids Institute’s Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases

Grant to support 2 health care professionals to attend “Hot Topics in Infection & Immunity in
Children”, an internationally prestigious course for paediatric infectious diseases trainees and consultants.

Organisation: The Telethon Kids Institute’s Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases

Funding: AU$ 7,000.00

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Cirrus Media - Australian Doctor Education

Grant to support an RACGP accredited (Cat 1 QI+CPD activity) Travel Health Check Audit

Organisation: Cirrus Media - Australian Doctor Group

Funding: AU$ 93,000.00

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Asthma Australia

Asthma education and training for nurses

Organisation: Asthma Australia

Funding: AU$ 3240.00

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University of Melbourne/Lung Health Research Centre

Unrestricted medical grant to support a visiting professor to engage with students &
early career researchers to further respiratory research

Organisation: University Of Melbourne/Lung Health Research Centre

Funding: AU$ 5,200.00

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Asthma Australia-Education Sessions

Unrestricted medical grant to support the delivery of asthma education sessions in regional

Organisation: Asthma Australia

Funding: AU$ 2,500.00

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TSANZ-Young Investors Award

Grant to support Young Investors Award

Organisation: TSANZ

Funding: AU$ 1,000.00

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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Unrestricted medical grant to establish a multidisciplinary airways disease management

Organisation: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Funding: AU$ 41,000.00

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Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Unrestricted medical grant to develop/implement National Allergy Strategy Model of Care

Organisation: ASCIA

Funding: AU$ 50,000.00

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TSANZ-International Expert

Unrestricted medical grant to support visiting International expert for the Post Graduate
FOT Course (TSANZ 2017, Canberra)

Organisation: TSANZ

Funding: AU$ 12,000.00

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Alfred Hospital

Unrestricted medical grant to purchase inhaler reminders and adherence monitors as part of a severe asthma management program

Organisation: Alfred Hospital

Funding: AU$ 13,000.00

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