Will Quinert

Commercial graduate Pharmaceuticals Joined GSK in 2012

Will joined GSK on a student placement and then joined our future leaders graduate program.

What is your background?

I'm a Melbourne boy born and raised and grew up in the south eastern suburbs. I finished my VCE at St Kevin's College before starting a Bachelors of Commerce at Melbourne University. After a short stint I decided it wasn't for me and spent 8 months or so working as a labourer for a builder, before applying to RMIT University and eventually completing my Bachelor of Business (Marketing).  It was during this time that I had my first experience with GSK on an industrial-based learning (IBL) 12 month placement in 2012 working with the paediatric vaccines franchise.

What do you like about working with GSK?

I like working for an organisation that is people focused, despite its great size. The other great positive is that we're lucky enough to be driven by a higher purpose in healthcare. Ultimately responsibility lies with helping patients and that is a very strong motivator.

What has been the highlight of career with GSK so far?

Career? Ha! In my short time at GSK the highlight so far would be working on the launch of a new cancer treatment. Firstly I was thrilled to get an opportunity like that so early on, but the breadth of skills coordinated for a launch gave me a great oversight of many of the business functions and was very rewarding work. Ultimately my time with this team, which works on medicines for specialists was the highlight. An incredible team of people under great leadership. Heaps learned, and friends for life made.

How have we supported your career development?

Well that started when I was an IBL. The IBL program offers a lot of opportunities for personal development, but simply becoming a part of the team you work in provides a great deal of learning and development in a short time. I don't think it can be overstated, the opportunities that are available to really contribute are excellent.

Since then I have joined the Future Leaders Program and the inherent structure is very supportive of career development. It is a three-year program that involves three 12-month rotations, placing you in different locations across Australia and in some cases the globe. Each rotation presents multiple opportunities to make a valuable contribution to the business and challenge yourself to be the best you can be.  I've had the chance to work as a Brand Manager in “Specialty Brands” and now as a GP Medical Representative over here in Perth, WA.  I think the most supportive aspects of the program are working closely with my mentor Daniel, as well as other people invested in the program like HR or my managers. The people around me, particularly my mentor, have really helped make the most of any experiences I've had with sound advice and time for reflection.

Will and other graduates raising money for mental health by not speaking for the day "zipping it".
Will (right) and other graduates raising money for mental health by zipping it (not speaking for the day).

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining us?

Do it?! I think it's a particularly unique blend of characteristics at GSK that to me suits someone who has respect for people, who has a sense of social responsibility and is looking for a challenging industry to work in. Success comes to people who can live our values of transparency, integrity, respect for people and being patient-focused. If you're ambitious, then it has to rank very highly as a massive global organisation in a dynamic industry.

What do you do when you aren’t at work?

Most people who know me could answer this I think. I'm probably surfing. Or occasionally playing cricket.

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